CEFEX-Certified Due Diligence Process

Is Your Fiduciary Advisor Providing You Fiduciary Protection? Your retirement plan advisor may or may not be a fiduciary for your plan, but even if they say they are, this alone does not mean you have gained any fiduciary protection. The investment due diligence process provided for your plan should be analyzed to see if it meets fiduciary best practices. If it does meet fiduciary best practices, a plan sponsor can be much more confident that their advisor is helping limit their fiduciary liability. How does a plan sponsor know if their advisor’s process follows fiduciary best practices? CEFEX certification has made it easier for plan sponsors to appropriately assess how well your Investment Advisor is watching over your investments.

What CEFEX Offers

The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC (CEFEX) is an independent certification organization that works closely with industry experts to conduct comprehensive assessments of investment fiduciaries.

  • The mission of CEFEX is to promote best practices in the investment management industry.
  • CEFEX Certification helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.M

How a CEFEX Certified Advisor Benefits You

  • Investment Stewards have an obligation to conduct due diligence and oversee the providers they hire. A CEFEX Certified Advisor comes ‘diligence ready.’ The Advisor is assessed on an annual basis by an independent fiduciary expert. This benefits you through:
  • Increased efficiency: CEFEX Certified Advisors have developed processes that maximize quality and efficiency.
  • Better decision-making: CEFEX Certified Advisors utilize a factual approach that facilitates information-gathering and decision-making based on market data.
  • Improved supplier relationships: CEFEX Certified Advisors are backed by mutually beneficial supplier relationships that result in strong adherence to best practices for documentation and monitoring and ensuring the highest quality investments are used in retirement plans, trusts and other vehicles.

Please review this short two-minute video explaining the benefits of working with a CEFEX Certified advisor:

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Tony Black, CPFA, AIF, RPA
Tony Black, CPFA, AIF, RPA

CEFEX-Certified Retirement Plan Advisor

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Matt Voecks, CPFA, AIF, RPA

CEFEX-Certified Retirement Plan Advisor

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